About Human: The Origins of Us

Many stories, folklore, myths, and even religion told us about the origin of humans. Some of them also believe that we were the descendant of a heavenly creature who came down to complete tasks that our creators gave. The best version comes from Adam and Eve, who becomes the first human that walk down the Earth, a long time ago. Many versions came after, said that they fell from heaven caused by broke the rules or got punished by the god itself. For any reason, they were not inhabitants of the earth, in this case, more like an invasive race, based on those stories.

As much research that already conducts by some academics, there are some logical theories about our origin, and I tend to believe that way. It is called The Theory of Evolution. That theory was impressed me so well when it showed more reliable data than if we just plainly believe from some arguable information came from stories, folklore, or even religion that I believe. In this case, I’m not trying to be a radical person that devotes my own religion, but for me, conducting some logical research is more confident. As we already know, inside the theory came from scientific evidence to prove that human was a product of evolution, for around 5 million years. The evolution started in the middle of the African continent, in a shape more similar to apes. As time passed, the geographical condition becomes change rapidly, make them adapt to serious circumstances. Their body part slowly turns into what we already have now, to follow the flow of Earth's movable condition. From the African, they made a long journey through Asia and Europe, then crossed the Pacific to reach American and some remote archipelago like Oceania. In this case, they spread around the world, from one side to another. Even this theory has some arguable things, for me, it's more reliable than the others.